Details to Keep in Mind When Trademarking a Traveling Business

Trademark international business

Trademark international business

The process of registering a trademark for a local business often presents a challenge for many owners. The trademark registration process becomes even more convoluted for companies who conduct business both nationally and abroad. There are tactics that business owners may use to plan accordingly and secure their rights. This article will offer helpful tips to business owners who wish to initiate the process of trademarking their company’s name or logo. This article will further guide for businesses to secure their trademark both within the United States (US) and abroad. 

Trademarking A Name Within The US 

A business owner should seek to protect their logo, symbol, and/or business name by registering their mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While a commonly used name or symbol may not receive trademark protection, the industry in which the name is being used is imperative to the analysis. For example, American Airlines and American Eagle both have a registered trademark on a business name with the word “American”. Both companies are allowed to use the word American in their title due to the difference in services they offer to consumers. American Airlines is a flight company, whereas American Eagle is a clothing company.  Each brand may have ownership as it pertains to their industry since a business name is solely utilized for a particular service. 

How to Secure Your Trademark Abroad 

Once a business has a registered trademark in the US, only national protection is guaranteed. If the business expands internationally and starts to provide services or sell goods abroad, the registered trademark within the  US will not protect the logo, symbol, and/or the name of the business. Luckily, businesses may seek protection under The Madrid Protocol. The Madrid Protocol allows companies to file for trademark protection in over 97 countries. It is important to note that each international trademark should reflect the specific country’s alphabet and symbol representation. 

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