Business Dealings in the “New Normal”

Business Dealings in the “New Normal”

Business Dealings in the “New Normal”

The “New Normal”…

Since March of this year, we have heard this term nearly every day as we assess the impact COVID-19 has had on our lives. Rather than using the phrase to describe how we are expected to behave and socialize with one another in the future, IPS Legal Group, P.A. is focused on how the pandemic has impacted business practices and what their “new normal” looks like.

Working Remotely

The business world and, to some extent, entire industries learned overnight what is considered an “essential” business. To remain relevant, every business, in some way or another, had to shift its operations. For many, that meant being forced to embrace new technology, virtual business operations, and adapt to remote employment solutions. Businesses that once mandated their employees to arrive at work at a predetermined time, dressed appropriately, and remain in their cubicle were adapting to remote work situations. Seemingly overnight, working parents also became teachers with scheduling conflicts. So, employers adjusted and accommodated. Their thinking: what did it matter when or how the job got done as long as employees produced and the business moved forward.

Shifting Employee Staffing Policies

Now, business owners and employees alike are finding they appreciate the flexibility of working remotely. While business owners no longer have the overhead expenses associated with maintaining daily business operations in an office setting, employees no longer have the daily expense of commuting to and from work. These workplace changes, however, have left business owners to examine existing business practices and ask questions such as:

  • Do we need the expensive overhead of a large office for all of their employees?
  • Which is better, hiring employees or independent contractors?
  • Which job functions are deemed essential and which can be worked remotely or jobbed-out?
  • Do we need all employees in one city, one state, one country?
  • How do we effectively evaluate an employee’s productivity when we don’t know how the work was completed?
  • How do we provide proper compensation, bonuses, or raises?

Any shifts to employee staffing policies and procedures must be addressed as the business assesses what resources are required to maintain operations and, hopefully, continue to grow a profitable business.

IPS Legal Group, P.A. Can Help!

While no two businesses are alike, these questions must be answered by all business owners as they navigate the business landscape that is the “New Normal.” IPS Legal Group, P.A. can help you assess your business needs, staffing policies and, if necessary, restructure your employee staff. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice or instruction. Every legal question calls for a different legal answer, and the above might not apply to your situation.