Business Law

One of the most important decisions that you can make as a business owner is having an experienced business lawyer on your team. Whether you are structuring your business, partnering with other business, implementing growth strategies, or in need of compliance programs, ISP Legal Group is here to help you solidify and strengthen your business from the inside out.

Our business legal services include:

  • Business Formation
  • Business Contracts
  • Shareholder/Operating Agreements
  • Merges & Acquisitions

IPS Legal Group can help you determine the best structure for your company and prepare and review all necessary documentation to properly establish your business within state and federal legal requirements. In addition to preparing and filing all necessary business documentation, we will use our vast experience in intellectual property law to register and trademark your company name and brand, helping to ensure that your business interests are protected from the start.

Different states have different requirements for business formation. There are also different levels of liability and different tax treatments. The decision to form a for­profit versus a non­profit corporation or a limited liability company versus a professional corporation should not be taken lightly. IPS Legal Group has years of experience in assisting clients with the business formation process.

Business Contracts

Contracts are the core of any business or commercial transaction. Contractual agreements that are properly negotiated and well­drafted help to ensure that all parties are informed of their obligations, manage expectations and minimize uncertainties.

IPS Legal Group understands the tactical and strategic measures that must be taken internally to avoid external litigation and grow a profitable organization. We work proactively with clients to identify and manage risks, conduct negotiations, and ultimately draft agreements that provide certainty, predictability, and consistency in any business transaction. No matter what type of contract you require, IPS Legal Group can help prepare the right agreement that supports your business.

Shareholder & Operating Agreements

A good shareholder agreement is the most significant building block on which to found the business. A good shareholder agreement ought to be put in place to ensure that the business runs smoothly. Many issues emerge when drafting the shareholder agreement. These include buy­ins, buy­outs, operations, finance, and other relative matters. However, other issues may emerge that are not usually contemplated when entering into a shareholder agreement. That is why an experienced attorney is integral in drafting a proper shareholder agreement. The right attorney will help clients deal with a myriad of issues, including:

  • The rights and obligations of the majority and minority shareholders, officers, and directors
  • Understanding corporate procedures and compliance, voting, resolutions, and other procedural issues
  • Conflict resolution, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration
  • The need for proactive procedures to ensure officers and directors are behaving in good faith and in the best interests of the corporation
  • How to deal with unfair or illegal actions, fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, trade secrets, and unfair competition
  • Employment questions, including compensation, severance, pension benefits, stock plans, and more

Mergers and Acquisitions

Business acquisitions can be a complicated process, and selecting the right lawyer to guide you through the process is critical. Our lawyers are experienced with the merger and acquisition process and know how to structure and negotiate the necessary agreements. We work with our clients so that we can anticipate challenges and proactively solve problems, from negotiations and due diligence to final closing. IPS Legal Group will help you finalize your business purchase by:

  • Preparing the documentation for the purchase
  • The terms and conditions related to the purchase
  • Negotiating deals or contracts
  • Organizing your business and incorporation
  • Setting up any necessary entities

Without the proper legal care, purchasing an existing business can turn from a dream opportunity to a legal and financial disaster. IPS Legal Group will assist you every step of the way, ensuring your business purchase is done properly.

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